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Sól. Announces New EP “Moonshots” 


Washington, DC, March 24, 2021- Alternative R&B artist Sól. released her sophomore EP “Moonshots” on Saturday, March 20th, 2021. The highly praised release follows her debut ep “Reflection” under her previous moniker Kayla Rose. “Moonshots” brilliantly highlights Sól.’s striking sing rap melodies with soulful lyrics that enchant and invite listeners to delve deeper into their innermost truths. Known for her distinct tone and intimate wordplay, the DC native singer and songwriter has invoked comparisons to the likes of Ari Lennox, Sza, and Jhene Aiko. 


During her time at Berklee College of Music from 2016-2020, Sól. immersed herself in Boston’s rich underground music scene. She performed at various venues in and around the Boston area including The Red Room, The Middle East, Out of The Blue Gallery, and Factory Boston. There she developed the initial idea for her “Moonshots” EP. Inspired by Boston’s ever-changing tech landscape Sól. approached the creation of her EP from a technological context. “ I admire how as technology advances there is typically a focus on bridging a gap and meeting basic human needs through the development of creative ideas. I aimed to create a body of work that similarly to technology could establish connectivity between my creative ideas and my listener’s emotional needs. By creating my most intimate sonic experience to date I hope listeners can resonate with the emotions I share in my songs and connect with how this EP makes them feel.” - Sól.


Throughout her research and creative process, Sól. discovered Google’s exploratory lab “X, the moonshot factory”. A moonshot is an innovative project undertaken with the goal of mass positive impact. Moonshots are meant to be game-changers defined by their progressive aspirations.“I was immediately drawn to this idea and began seeing this EP as my moonshot. To me, a moonshot is a project or idea that pushes you to new heights, and to achieve that one must not only let go of fear but also be incredibly willing to fail. This body of work is all about taking the plunge and trusting that in the process you are building something greater.”  - Sól.


Sól.’s four-song “Moonshots” EP explores themes of love, confidence, and self-discovery. 



  1. Right and Wrong

  2. Safe Side

  3. Ain’t my man

  4. Safe Side Part II

Click here to access Sól.'s "Moonshots" EP on Apple Music and Spotify

“Through the arc of my EP “Moonshots”, I hope to give listeners a glimpse of how I've grown into self-confidence through my experiences described in these four songs. I aim to inspire bold, ever-changing, trust in oneself, feelings and ideas”. - Sól.

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