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  1. Right and Wrong

  2. Safe Side

  3. Ain’t my man

  4. Safe Side Part II


Alternative R&B artist Sól. is best known for her soulful lyrics with striking sing rap melodies that enchant and invite listeners to delve deeper into their innermost truths. The singer and songwriter’s distinct tone and intimate wordplay have invoked comparisons to the likes of Ari Lennox, Sza, and Jhene Aiko.

The DC native graduated cum laude in 2020 from Berklee College of Music with dual degrees in Songwriting and Music Business. During her time in Boston Sól. released her debut EP Reflection under her previous moniker, Kayla Rose. Immersed in the rich underground music scene, Sól. performed at various venues in and around the Boston area. These venues include The Red Room, The Middle East, Out of The Blue Gallery, and Factory Boston.

There she developed the initial idea for her “Moonshots” EP. Inspired by Boston’s ever-changing tech landscape Sól. approached the creation of her EP from a technological context. “ I admire how as technology advances there is typically a focus on bridging a gap and meeting basic human needs through the development of creative ideas. I aimed to create a body of work that similarly to technology could establish connectivity between my creative ideas and my listener’s emotional needs. By creating my most intimate sonic experience to date I hope listeners can resonate with the emotions I share in my songs and connect with how this EP makes them feel.” -Sól.


Sól.’s latest EP Moonshots is available now on Apple Music and Spotify. Click here for links to Sól.'s "Moonshots" EP 

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